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Boat rental and island tour

List of affordable boat for rent in Coron for your island hopping needs.

The ideal way to visit famous coron island and Busuanga hidden beaches, lakes and lagoons is by renting a local charter boat (bangka). We offer 2 options for boat service (rental) to explore your top choice of islands and tourist sites. First, the customized boat service option,where you can freely customize your own itinerary based on your desired budget.  Second, fixed boat itinerary, all-in option that includes entrance fees, tour guide and lunch.  We make it easy, so finding the right itinerary should be absolutely no problem.

Our daily boat rental starts at P1,900 to P15,000 per day use. but please take note that all below published boat rates is usually depends on actual headcount and desired destinations.


boat for rent in coron

coron entrance fees


  • Coron boat rental rates per passenger based on medium size built only (asian), additional charge(s) for size large and extra-large built.
  • Based on average weight from 30 kilos to 75 kilos per passenger. Additional P150 for any excess in weight per pax.
  • Age 0-4 yrs. old is free of boat charge.
  • This is promotional rates, other discount are not applicable.

Others preferred to have it exclusive, you can rent a private motorized boat (banca) that includes experienced crew and tour guide , you can visit all coron top island sites at your own time without any constraints. rent our boat for your group exclusively , just add P200 per head on a per day tour basis, this service comes with tour guide assistance, fuel and life-vest equipment’s only, but all entrance fees, lunch, permits and cottages on each sites are not included in the boat rental service.  We also offers boat transfer for your island overnight or expedition tours (entire busuanga island), just let us know your preferred budget and itinerary so we can customize the way you like it.


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    this is Gino, may i know you boat in 27th-29th is available ? BTW, how much about permits and cottages; so i can arrange my trip. thanks

  3. hi.
    we cant find your office.
    we want to rent a boat for. tomorrow.
    Send me pls your address asap.

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