5d4n packages

Coron Island, dubbed as one of the world best tourist destination. Our 5 days and 4 nights bundled packages will feature the best value and unique island experience around. Offers full pack customize land and inter-island arrangement that carefully tailored group tour for every coron travelers.5 days pricelist package in coron island


(Rates vary on available accommodation)

2 PAX : lowest rate P5199 view pricelist
3 PAX : lowest rate P4299 view pricelist
4 PAX : lowest rate P3799 view pricelist
5 PAX : lowest rate P3599 view pricelist
6 PAX : lowest rate P3399 view pricelist
7 PAX : lowest rate P3199 view pricelist
8 PAX : lowest rate P3399 view pricelist
9 PAX : lowest rate P3399 view pricelist
10 PAX:lowest rate P3399 view pricelist
11 PAX:lowest rate P3399 view pricelist
12 PAX:lowest rate P3399 view pricelist
13 PAX:lowest rate P3299 view pricelist
14 PAX:lowest rate P3699 view pricelist
15 PAX:lowest rate P3699 view pricelist
16 PAX:lowest rate P3799 view pricelist
17 PAX:lowest rate P3699 view pricelist

Another great thing about the 5d4n package tour is the flexibility of it’s island itinerary, design to maximize your stay and chance to visit all major sites in a 5 days tour and no time limit compared to others. Another thing is that our local tour guide can give more in-depth stories about a certain place. We made island hopping convenient to all travelers and affordable as well.

What other travelers like the most about group tours is the opportunity to meet other travelers. The most convenient way to explore the entire island of coron loop is by joining an organized group tour which already includes transportation, boat, a set lunchtour guide and local land transfer. Enjoy sharing travel stories with them, build connections and learning from their experiences.

Enjoys a thrilling adventure and chance to visit famous tourist sites of coron island and its surrounding destination, experience the rugged shorelines, volcanic peaks limestone, powdery white sand beaches and rural atmosphere of the”Old Coron”.



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