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We make it simple and affordable, more options for you to tailor your own coron tour itinerary. now you can relax and wander around coron for a lesser cost.

To facilitate your booking if ever interested to avail one of our tour and package services, just follow the steps below and hope to see you soon in coron palawan.sample

Below are the list of updated price-list for 4 days and 3 nights, we offer you 7 options to choose from, every combination has its own itinerary that is totally different from other packages, just choose the best bundled package suited for your budget.

(Rates vary on available accommodation)

2 PAX : lowest rate P3699 view pricelist
3 PAX : lowest rate P2999 view pricelist
4 PAX : lowest rate P2899 view pricelist
5 PAX : lowest rate P2599 view pricelist
6 PAX : lowest rate P2599 view pricelist
7 PAX : lowest rate P2599 view pricelist
8 PAX : lowest rate P2499 view pricelist
9 PAX : lowest rate P2499 view pricelist
10 PAX:lowest rate P2599 view pricelist
11 PAX:lowest rate P2499 view pricelist
12 PAX:lowest rate P2399 view pricelist
13 PAX:lowest rate P2399 view pricelist
14 PAX:lowest rate P2799 view pricelist
15 PAX:lowest rate P2799 view pricelist
16 PAX:lowest rate P2799 view pricelist
17 PAX:lowest rate P2799 view pricelist

Select the best combination

From package combination 1 to 7 , you are free to select what is the best package combination and itinerary suited for you and your entire group.

Select your hotel.

All package are  included with room accommodation, all you need to do is select your preferred accommodation for that particular package you have chosen .

Select your date.

You have to send to us copy of your flight details such as airlines, departure and arrival time so we can check the room availability of the said target date. and also to facilitate your reservation if ever interested.

Package terms and conditions.

For our own protection, you must read the package terms and condition’s stipulated on the last page on each price-list table. You also must understand what are included in the package and what is not.

Provide names and contact #.

And also , we need to address you properly and whom we address the booking contract and reservation. For travel agency and its agent, please secure first your accreditation with us.

Time to talk to us.

To facilitate your reservation and booking, or maybe you have some questions regarding the package and inquire for additional information. Feel free to contact our friendly coron island loop Booking Representative from 9am until 11pm, daily.

Prepare for the reservation.

Just follow the instruction given by our booking representative and when everything are agreed upon we can now proceed with the reservation and immediately facilitate the booking contract.



For your own protection, all payments shall ONLY be payable to CORON ISLAND LOOP TOUR SERVICES, with depository bank BPI and BANCO DE ORO only, NOT to any person’s name, booking/travel agent, or other entity than us.

Explore coron island top destinations like Kayangan Lake, Banol Beach, Banana Island, Malcapuya Island, Twin Lagoon, Diwata Lagoon, Cyc Island,Skeleton Ship Wreck, Seiti Picados, Maquinit Hot Spring, Dimanglet island, japanese shipwrecks, calumbuyan island and more coron island famous tourist sites.

This bundled price list includes 4 days and 3 nights accommodation, airport transfer, tour boat , fuel and life-vest. also this packages includes selected breakfast meal,   round trip hotel transportation, expert guide narration and sumptuous set of lunch with picnic snacks. now you can discover the very best coron has to offer on this 4 days and 3 night’s tour packages. See incredible panoramic scenery on a whole day island hopping tour  and Enjoy a jammed pack day of water activities such as hiking, swimming and snorkeling at coron famous island loop sites.


  1. Hi can you send me all in package and itineraries for coron bundle 1 and 2 in a/c accommodation under tianga garden house. 4d/3n. Aug. 31 to sept 3. Thanks

  2. Hi, I am a senior citizen, female, teacher and travelling alone..do you have a reasonably priced package tour for 4 days three nights..thanks.travellin this October

  3. I own and manage a small airline and hotel ticketing office in Manila. I wonder if I can re-sell your coron packages to my client and in return I can avail of discount or commission?


  4. Hello. I’m traveling on my own and want to do island hopping from coron and back to coron 4 nights/5 days. Can I join a group and what are the prices? Please send me all the tour you have, thank you.

  5. Kindly give me the price for 4d3n, 5pax and other details if tour, accomodations, transfer etc. are all in. Thanks..

  6. Hello!

    Can youpls email me the pricelist for “tour packages” only good for 4pax. We’re staying in Coron for 4d/3n this July. Thank you!

  7. Hi we r 3 people excluding the hotel accomodations can you arrange for our 3nights 4 days tour iteneraries/activities and the price quotation please ASAP

  8. Good day!
    Kindly give me the price for 4d3n, 2pax and other details if tour, accomodations, transfer etc. are all in. For my 2017 vacay.

  9. Hi,
    I’ll get to the port of Coron on the morning of 18 March with a fast boat from Palawan.
    the day March 21 i will take a flight from manila to coron
    Can you arrange tour 4d / 3n from the port?
    Thank you.

  10. Hi Please give me the price quote for 2 couples for 4 nights 5 days 3/6/17 to 3/10/17 A/C rooms. Activities and Itineraries. Thanks

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